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News for October!

Good evening to anyone who’s stumbled upon this blog by accident! I’m always looking for ways to communicate to all of our members more efficiently and reliably, so from now on any time there are small updates for the groups I’ll try to get them posted up here so people can check in at their leisure.

Mostly I’m trying to find a way to send out fewer mass emails, I hate to feel like I’m hassling your inboxes.

Would you do me a favour? Let me know you saw this post by commenting below and telling me what song you can’t get out of your head this week.

Thanks, y’all!

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  1. Hi Nyssa: Reach out and Touch. The way your Mom sings the word “touch” bounces around in my head – in a good way. I like your idea of making it easier for Admins to get in touch with their choirs. Look forward to seeing how that will work. Love what you are doing. Joanne

  2. Hi Nyssa,

    You Can’t Hurry Love. Maybe it is because it is our wedding anniversary! Georgette has mentioned a few dates that we may be singing at events. Will there be a list of these dates and the songs we will sing at these events be listed soon? I think the first on is October 18th??

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